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Thrush Pictures – The Different Types of Thrush

You may be looking for thrush pictures to help you determine whether you have the infection or not. Thrush is one of the most common infections affecting millions of people worldwide. It affects men, women and even children alike. The condition is highly treatable. But the first thing you should do is to ensure that you have the infection and not other illnesses. To do this, you can do the research on your own. But after looking at the thrush pictures, you still have to consult your doctor for a more appropriate diagnosis.

What is thrush?

Thrush is a type of fungal infection caused by Candida albicans. The fungi is an opportunistic infection that affects people with low immune function such as babies, elderly and people with diseases like diabetes and HIV. The fungi thrive well in moist environment. Normally, the good bacteria in the body keep the fungi in a low level. But when the environment changes, the fungi begin to proliferate and cause different signs and symptoms. These are very much visible when you look for the thrush pictures. Since the fungi affect various parts of the body and different age groups, they give rise to different types of thrush.

Vaginal Thrush

Vaginal thrush is a very common infection among women belonging to the reproductive age. This is not a surprise considering that the fungi are normal inhabitants of the female reproductive tract. But their number is always on the check, thanks to the good bacteria. If your immune system gets weak or when you abuse your body and the good bacteria are killed, you suffer from the vaginal thrush. You can see the thrush pictures in the internet. The images show cottage cheese-like secretions. In other terms, you may find some sources describe it as curdled milk appearance. The secretion is very visible as it stains the underwear. Although it is odorless, the symptoms are still uncomfortable for women.

Aside from the typical thrush pictures, you will find that vaginal thrush causes extreme itching in the vaginal region. This is quite embarrassing especially if you have to scratch most of the time just to reduce the itchy sensations. For women who are sexually active, sexual intercourse becomes a painful experience. It often leads to reduced in their desire to spend intimate moments with their partner.

Vaginal thrush happens when the pH of the genital changes. If you are pregnant or suffer from diabetes, watch out for your diet. High sugar meals nourish the thriving fungi. If you keep on giving them the nutrients, then do not be surprised why you still have the symptoms up to now.

Male Thrush

Male thrush is the counterpart of the vaginal thrush. If you think this is impossible, then look for the thrush pictures showing the signs of candida infection in males. Although men are rarely affected with the fungi, there is still a big possibility to acquire the problem. Men acquire it due to a weak immune system. The symptoms of candidiasis in male include white or cottage cheese like secretion which may be more difficult to see because of its resemblance to the seminal fluid. Burning and itching sensations, reduced sexual libido and pain during sexual intercourse are also noted. In severe cases of male candidiasis, the thrush pictures show sores surrounding the head and body of the penis.

Oral Thrush

Oral thrush occurs when the candida moves to the mouth. This is less frequent compared with the genital thrush. Patients suffering from the mouth infection complain of painful sores and difficulty in swallowing. The tonsils are inflamed as a defense against the overgrowth of fungi. Thrush pictures reveal the white patches in the oral cavity which often bleeds when scraped. The curd milk appearance is found at the back of the tongue and at the roof of the mouth. Babies are particularly prone to oral thrush after passing through an infected birth canal. Their immature immune system makes them highly vulnerable to the infection. If a mother is positive for candida, she must be extra observant with her baby especially during the first two weeks of the baby. Symptoms like irritability and intense crying during feeding are possible signs of oral thrush. Babies refuse to feed because of the sores in the mouth and difficulty of swallowing. If you notice these problems in your baby, it is always best if you consult your pediatrician. Otherwise, the simple infection may lead to dehydration.

Cutaneous Thrush

The skin may also be infected with the opportunistic fungi. Because the organisms love to thrive in moist and warm areas, thrush pictures showing cutaneous infection are also very common. The fungi infect the diaper area in babies, webs of finger and toes, groin and the crease of the buttocks. In women, they affect the skin under large breasts. If you breastfeed a baby who has candidiasis, the nipples may also be infected. For men, the most common area infected is the skin folds in the penis especially among uncircumcised males.

What is the treatment available?

If you see the thrush pictures and you think they resemble the symptoms you have, see your doctor right away. Treatments like the use of antifungal creams are very helpful to manage your infection. However, you must also find the exact reason why you are having the problem. If it is about your weak immune system, you need to do something to improve it. If it is your diet, begin a diet modification. These are the only ways to avoid the recurrence of the infection.

It may be very easy to diagnose candida infection. Usually, all the types of thrush show a classical sign which is the cottage-cheese appearance or the curd milk secretion. If you happen to notice this anywhere in your body, you better start looking for thrush pictures.

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