What is Thrush

What is Thrush – Everything You Need to Know about Thrush

You may have heard it before and you begin to wonder what is thrush. Thrush is one of the symptoms of Candida infection. It is a common infection affecting women of reproductive age. Candida infection is caused by a fungus called Candida albicans. The fungus is normally present in the female vagina. But when its population exceeds the normal, it leads to candidiasis. Aside from affecting the genitals, the fungi can also be seen in other moist parts of the body such as the mouth. This is the time that doctors call the condition as oral thrush.

How does thrush look like?

When people think of the question, “what is thrush”, they begin to imagine the whitish cottage cheese like substance found in the mouth or genital. The yeast affects nearly 20% of the women around the world. Aside from the classic whitish to gray discharge, doctors describe it with a curd-like texture. It is as if you have curdled milk in either your mouth or genital. It is also accompanied by other symptoms like genital itching, burning sensation, painful urination and decreased sexual desire.

Is it sexually transmitted?

Aside from knowing what is thrush, many patients are concerned whether the disease can be transmitted through sexual contact. According to health experts, candidiasis is not a sexually transmitted disease. It is caused by a disruption in the normal bacteria in the body. It may be due to the improper use of antibiotics, decreased immune defense and other environmental conditions that trigger the proliferation of fungi.

How do your cure the infection?

Some patients who do not have a solid foundation about what is thrush share the misconception that the infection is difficult to cure. Even when you check scientific literature and ask health experts, you will know that thrush is easy to treat. The first line of defense involves the use of antifungal medications taken either orally or as creams. You just have to finish the whole course of treatment to ensure that you do not experience recurrence. It only takes 7 to 14 days to fully get rid of the symptoms.

Aside from using antifungal drugs, you must also find ways to strengthen your immune system and modify your diet. A diet rich in sugar is extremely conducive for the growth of Candida. Thus, if you want to get rid of the infection, you must avoid simple carbs.

Is it true that babies may also suffer from thrush?

With your basic knowledge on what is thrush, it is also good to know that even babies suffer from it. Usually, the newborn acquires it during delivery in an infected vagina. The symptoms of candidiasis appear a week after the baby is born. The baby may then pass it on to the mother while breastfeeding.

Who are at risk for thrush?

Aside from women, people who suffer from diabetes, elderly and people with immune related disorders are at high risk for infection. If you belong to any of these groups, it is good if you become extra careful with your health. Watch what you eat and adhere to the proper use of antibiotics to prevent the problem.

How do you make the diagnosis?

Even when you have an idea of what is thrush, it becomes useless if you do not know how to diagnose the disease. Doctors make the Candidiasis diagnosis by scraping or swabbing the secretion and requesting for a laboratory analysis.

You may have more questions in mind but if you want to ensure whether your idea of what is thrush is correct, you can always see your doctor.

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